Retired judge believes Aaron Hernandez could be exonerated

A former Massachusetts Superior Court Judge believes that Aaron Hernandez may walk away a free man. Isaac Borenstein spoke with and said that a Hernandez conviction is far from a certainty.

Borenstein addressed the fact that, should it go to trial, Hernandez ‘s case will be complicated; it could yield unexpected results.

“I would not be shocked if this verdict went a way that didn’t necessarily looked like at this point. It’s the way the justice system work.”

Borenstein, who is currently a law professor at Northeastern and Suffolk, and points to a lack of witnesses as one reason for the uncertainty surrounding the Hernandez case.

“As a prosecutor I think they have a tough time sorting out exactly what was Aaron Hernandez’s role, what is the role of the other people, and how are they going to come across as witnesses.”

Hernandez is currently being held for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He was taken into custody in late June for his alleged connection to Lloyd’s killing.