Kansas Jayhawks recognize deceased recruit on National Signing Day

This story will most likely fly under the radar, what with all the website mishaps, clever announcements and monster classes. However, the Kansas Jayhawks may have won National Signing Day, at least if you were to factor in compassion and benevolence with star rankings.

On their official signing day site, the Jayhawks honored Andre Maloney, a deceased verbal commit, as part of the incoming 2014 class.

Maloney was a wide receiver recruit out of Overland Park, Kansas. During a game in October 2013, the 17-year-old collapsed on the sidelines after scoring a 63-yard touchdown. He suffered a stroke due to a blood clot in his brain and was rushed to the hospital.

Surgeons worked on Maloney for three hours, but were unable to remove the clot. The stroke left him in a vegetative state from which, doctors informed the family, the young man would not recover. His family decided to discontinue treatment following the prognosis.

Charlie Weis catches a lot of flak, much of it not unjust, due to his braggadocio on the field and during interviews. Away from the gridiron, though, he tends to show much greater humility. Honoring Maloney was a touching decision by Weis and his staff.