Katherine Webb sports split Auburn/Bama jersey for Sports Illustrated, the state of Alabama burns down [Photo]

Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated Swim Daily

Is Katherine Webb, Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, a beautiful girl? Yes, of course. No one is arguing that — especially the enamored Brent Musberger. Did Miss Alabama go to Auburn before dating Bama’s star signal-caller? Again, yup.

However, when Sports Illustrated announced that Webb, made famous when a camera panned over to her during the Tide’s BCS title game win over Notre Dame, would be gracing their latest swimsuit issue, no one expected this monstrosity to be the end result.

That includes AJ McCarron, we’re sure. The two-time national champion has to see his girlfriend wearing a jersey with his number on it — only split into an Auburn half and a Bama half.

Remember how the city of Sodom burned down after no good people could be found within its walls?

Well, this too may have been a transgression of epic proportions. The cities of Tuscaloosa and Auburn might be next, after no happy swimsuit fans could be found within either college town.

No worries, however, the rest of Katherine Webb’s swimsuit pics are as advertised. Enjoy!

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