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Kellen Winslow’s camp denies masturbation claim

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Cred: @dolfan565

Maybe Kellen Winslow wasn’t masturbating in a Target parking lot while fantasizing about Boston Market. Maybe he was only cheefing on some synthetic bud in a Target parking lot while fantasizing about Boston Market.

After the Internet ran with news that Winslow may have been flagged for lewd behavior, his camp has denied the “unfounded and ridiculous” claim.

What else was he going to say? “Yeah, I was too baked to drive, so decided on a quick j/o sesh before hitting the Market.”

The initial arrest was comical enough. Everything else (whatever happened) is equally bizarre. Quit making bonehead decisions, and people will stop buying into the rumors. If nothing else, at least hide the lube.

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What do you think?
  • JayJayJo88532

    what a jerkoff

  • EnlightenOne

    How do they know the “claims are unfounded” since there are no “homos” in professional football? Being in the “closet” doesn’t count. Like you all tend to say, “boys will be boys!”

  • phil

    He was changing his clothes so he wouldn’t smell of smoke? Who carries a change of clothes with them? His breath would smell of smoke

  • ayebeesee

    Why do people enjoy trying to hurt others…?

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