Excited for Stoops? More Kentucky fans buy tickets to football Spring Game than vs. Vandy last fall

Kentucky Wildcats head coach Mark Stoops spoke to reporters during a press conference at the Nutter Field House. (Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports)

Did you think Kentucky was just a basketball school? Well, as it turns out they were just sick and tired of watching an absolute dumpster-fire of a football team.

Luckily, hope springs eternal (get it??). With the defending national champion basketball team struggling on the hardwood, the attention of Big Blue Nation has turned ever-so-slightly to the gridiron, where newly hired head coach Mark Stoops has already made waves with a highly-rated recruiting class.

In fact, so excited are the folks over in Lexington at the prospect of a respectable football squad, more people have bought tickets to the Spring Game than did the team’s drubbing at the hands of Vanderbilt last season.


Wow, indeed.

Presumably, the Spring game is going to go far better than did the Vanderbilt game in 2012. After the Wildcats were beat down by the score of 40-0, former coach Joker Phillips was fired.

Again, hope Springs eternal, Mr. Stoops. Now it’s time to show the Big Blue Nation that you can compete against the elite of the SEC.

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  • KingRex23

    maybe football will be a nice distraction until the Cats are ready to make another run to the Final Four next year. The football team has been an embarrassment for the past century so we are due for at least one decent year. Even Alabama has a good basketabll team every decade or so.