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Quote of the Day: Kevin Sumlin reports SwagCopter is ‘undefeated’ in recruiting

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Cred: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The college football recruiting game has reached unbelievable new heights, and there may be no one who understands that more than Texas A&M Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin. In response, he has taken his recruiting efforts to new heights – literally

Sumlin has been known to land an Aggies “SwagCopter” at the fields and games of high school stars he is recruiting. Obviously, it is a far larger statement than a simple letter, or even the dozens of letters, other coaches send the nation’s elite prep-level talent.

Apparently, recruits agree: When asked about its success rate, Sumlin was not shy.

It doesn’t get much better than that. Here’s a few photos of the bad boy in action:

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