Kevin Sumlin and USC: Reasons why he would and wouldn’t take the job

It appears that Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is the top choice to take over the USC football program. According to a report by the Los Angeles Daily News, Sumlin heads a list that also includes Jon Gruden and Chris Petersen, among others. Considering that the sport is still in-season, this search still has a long way to unfold. However, it’s still worth a look at whether or not USC would be a good fit for Kevin Sumlin.

Here are five reasons why Sumlin will move to sunny Los Angeles, as well as five reasons why he bypasses the offer.

Remember, Sumlin has not been offered by USC. This is simply reasoning behind a hypothetical situation should the Trojans come calling.

Reasons Sumlin Would Accept A USC Offer
  1. Name – USC is a destination school. It’s tied for the most Heisman Trophy winners in college football, something Sumlin  knows a little about. No matter the coast, the Trojans, Fight On, the Song Girls, and the Coliseum are an identifiable brand.
  2. Location – Los Angeles is a perfect town for the right person. Sumlin is young and motivated; he’s made for the vibrancy of LA.
  3. Recruiting – This goes with location. Sumlin can sell LA. He can sell the school. Right now Jim Mora is the toast of the town. Sumlin is just as enthusiastic, and can bring the fire back to the Coliseum. Plus, with his coaching background, he will have a good pipeline into Texas. Pulling the top recruits from California and Texas, now that’s a recipe for success.
  4. Legacy – Sumlin has already helped resurrect a proud Texas A&M program, but USC is a totally different animal. Reestablishing USC would forever make Sumlin a college football legend.
  5. Style – The spread works in the SEC, but is it a long-term offense when facing the big boys down South? Quick, flashy offenses work perfectly out west. Sumlin’s brand of football has more sustainability on the West Coast, especially with the athletes he will pull from California.
Reasons Sumlin Would Turn Down A USC Offer
  1. NFL – Kevin Sumlin is a successful black coach. The NFL is desperate for black head football coaches (only three of the 32 teams have an African American coach). If Sumlin has NFL aspirations, USC would be a lateral move, regardless of its stature in the college game.
  2. Location – The biggest cities Kevin Sumlin has played/coached in are Houston and Indianapolis. Both are a far cry from the enormous concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Some people don’t like big cities.
  3. Pressure – While Texas A&M certainly has expectations, they are nothing like USC’s. Plus, Sumlin has earned himself a lot of good will in College Station. Why leave a place that loves you?
  4. Family – The Sumlins have four adolescent children. A move to Los Angeles would make three schools in four years for their kids. It’s hard to uproot a family once, let alone twice in three years.
  5. Texas – The University of Texas is in flux. By all accounts, they intend to usurp Mack Brown and chase after Nick Saban – barring the end to this season for the ‘Horns. There is a very real possibility that Texas overplays its hand, and the whole situation blows up in their faces. At that point, Sumlin could very well seize control of the state of Texas, behind the A&M legacy and SEC draw. Or, maybe the Longhorns go after Sumlin. If that happens, it’s doubtful he would even consider USC.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. One thing is for sure, Kevin Sumlin is a hot name on the market, and he has the upper hand.

  • John Ropiequet

    Dear Coach Sumlin,
    Stay in Texas and leave USC alone…. Please!!
    We have our coach and I hope that Pat Haden is smart enough, I think he is, to remove the “interim” tag from Coach Orgeron’s title. Coach O may not be an “A” list candidate according to the media but he is doing a great job with the Trojans, loves the University of Southern California, is a first rate recruiter, and won’t bolt for the No Fun League the first chance he gets. In my opinion, we already have the right guy for the job.

    • Mick Rose

      I echo the above statement!
      Love Coach O!!!!
      Fight On SC!