Kevin Sumlin is the 12th Man’s champ, wins WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Photo courtesy of @AggieFootball.

While Kevin Sumlin did not slam into a Slim Jim or get Hulked up and rip his shirt off, he did make something official in the WWE ring in College Station: The Texas A&M coach is the champion of the world. The WWE stormed into College Station on Sunday and Sumlin walked away with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.

After knocking off No. 1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa in a classic David vs. Goliath fashion, Sumlin proved that his offense is a college football heavyweight contender. With another year under Johnny Football’s belt, the Aggies will be going for the true knockout punch on the way to an SEC Championship, whether or not The Big Show likes it.

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Gig ‘Em.

Photo courtesy of @aguirre_eric.

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