Kevin Ware does not have a locker, but a wheelchair with his name over it [Photos]

kevin ware wheelchair louisville final four

Photo via Twitter (@tracywolfson).

Kevin Ware is a native of Atlanta, and Louisville’s 2013 Final Four berth was supposed to be his homecoming. Unfortunately, he suffered a compound fracture against Duke in the Elite Eight, forcing him into surgery and out of any basketball in the Georgia Dome.

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That being said, it wasn’t like Kevin Ware was going to stay home and miss a chance to soak in the Cardinals’ second-consecutive Final Four.

And his teammates were not going to leave him out of it, either.

No, Ware did not have a locker, but he did have a role. Thus, the team put his name over the wheelchair he will be using while watching the game from the sidelines with his teammates.

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kevin ware louisville cardinals final four

Photo via Twitter (@SethDavisHoops).