Settle It: Should K.J. Morton have been ejected for targeting hit on Sterling Shepard?

With time running down in the first quarter of Thursday night’s showdown between Baylor and Oklahoma, Bears safety K.J. Morton laid the wood on Sooners wideout Sterling Shepard.

Shepard went down like a sack of potatoes, and yellow flags went flying. Morton was called for targeting, and subsequently ejected.

Upon review, however, it was announced that Morton would be allowed to remain in the football game. The 15-yard targeting penalty still stood, but the ejection was overturned.

It was ruled that since Morton did not lead with his helmet and never launched off his feet, he was not technically targeting. The hit was shoulder to shoulder.

Baylor fans erupted at the announcement, while Oklahoma fans were not pleased with the call.

Take a peek at the video of the huge hit below and let us know what you think of the call.

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  • Coachsuperg

    The Baylor defender had plenty of time to line up a “defenseless” receiver. The receiver is focused on catching the ball and not looking at the DB, which is what makes him defenseless. The receiver has a split second to lower his head and shoulders for the impending impact. To claim he is somehow responsible is absurd. The officials did not rule it wasn’t targeting, because he clearly hit a defenseless receiver in the head with his shoulder and forearm. The officials only reversed the ejection, because he didn’t lead with his helmet. Don’t try to condone his dangerous play as a “clean hit”, because it wasn’t. If he does the same thing again, it will be penalized again. Learn the rules and play by them. rule designed to make football safer and avoid concussions is here to stay.

    • Superline51

      You’re kidding right? The receiver wasn’t defenseless. He saw Morton two steps out and had enough time to brace for impact. And in fact, they DID say it wasn’t a targeting since it was a shoulder to shoulder to hit. Morton didn’t even really hit him, he just leaned forward and the receiver’s own momentum did all the damage.

      • Greg Scoggins

        I’m not kidding. I’m a coach and an official and I promise you if he does it again, he will be flagged again. Evolve or die. Change with the rules designed for safer play or get benched.

      • Greg Scoggins

        Blaming the receiver for a hit where there was clear contact with his neck and chin? You must have never played receiver. Put away your Baylor rose colored glasses and get with the new rules designed to eliminate concussions.