Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury brings crazy swagger to Red Raiders practice field [Video]

What came first, the coach or the star power?

That is exactly what we are trying to see with the curious case of Kliff Kingsbury.

First, we enjoyed a clownish email exchange between a booster and Texas Tech’s assistant athletic director. In it were details on how to raise Kingsbury’s level of stardom to those of A-listers by way of integrating the Red Raiders’ coach into the mainstream media.

The booster wanted to force Kingsbury in front of the camera at such events as the Oscars — no joke.

But the thing is, the booster and the athletic department might not need to do anything at all. The school mic’d up their coach during Spring practices, and Sir Kingsbury straight up oozes swag.

Check him out in action, and ask yourself: What came first, the coach or the star power?

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h/t: Deadspin (via SB Nation)