New Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury takes a jab at Tuberville and Cincy [Video]

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After three years spent trying to change the offensively-inclined culture of Texas Tech football, Tommy Tuberville bolted to Cincinnati, shocking the team’s fans and the school’s administration in the process.

By all accounts (including a few recruits who claimed Tuberville literally ditched them mid-dinner) Tuberville’s move was a low blow.

Every alum was upset by Tuberville’s move, and that includes Kliff Kingsbury, the 33-year old former Red Raiders quarterback who will be replacing Tuberville in Lubbock.

Fast-forward to about the 1:50 mark — that is why folks at Tech are excited to have Kingsbury back on campus, even though he has no head coaching experience personally.

H/T: Bearcats Blog

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