Cutie and the Beast? Kliff Kingsbury and Charlie Weis face off on Saturday

Photo: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

When Kansas plays host to undefeated Texas Tech on Saturday, most co-eds in attendance will be staring at the sidelines instead of the play on the field. Who can blame them? Only four games into his career, Red Raiders coach Kliff Kingsbury has already been interviewed by E! News and compared favorably to Ryan Gosling.

Kingsbury is 6-foot-3, 213 pounds, sports a five o’clock shadow and, at 34 years of age, is a millionaire. He starred as a quarterback for Texas Tech and, after a stint in the NFL, is back coaching his alma mater.

Oh, and ladies, did we mention he’s single?

Fifty-five yards away, his coaching counterpart could not provide a more physically different look if he tried – which Charlie Weis is obviously not doing. The Kansas coach never played a down of college or professional football. He had gastric bypass surgery in 2002, but has regained a great deal of the weight since originally dropping from 350 to 260 pounds.

Weis flamed out miserably as head coach of Notre Dame and, in just his second year, is already on the hot seat in Lawrence.

We hate to hate. We usually try to confine our coaching matchups to “X’s and O’s,” rather than physical appearance, but wow.

This is like the classic Saturday Night Live skit where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley are Chippendales dancers. In fact, let’s watch that clip … after enjoying a picture of a swagged out Kingsbury.

Photo: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

If Weis and Kingsbury were to bust into something like this, the internet might just combust.

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