Kobe Bryant discusses current college basketball system, is not a fan

In a recent interview, Kobe Bryant spoke about the current college basketball system and the “one-and-done” rule. Bryant is not a fan of the setup.

While Bryant’s overarching theme is correct – the system isn’t working – the deficiencies go well beyond an open market and age restrictions. College has become, in many cases, little more than an arena to showcase skills. There is far too little, if any, education. Players need only pass one semester in order to compete.

The NCAA should, if universities do not, mandate personal finance courses, of which playing is contingent upon successful completion. Ensure that players know the basics of money management before they pass through the turnstile.

While there is the argument for the overarching success of players to come straight out of high school, the true problem lies in the kids who go un-drafted. There should be an allowance for kids to enter college, even if they have had previous contact with agents.

Kobe is on the right path, but there is such a conglomeration of crap hanging over the situation, who knows if we’ll ever see the sun again.

[Cheers Pro Basketball Talk]