Kobe Bryant returns from Germany after innovative knee surgery

After coming off of a season of disappointment and underachieving, the Los Angeles Lakes are excited to have Kobe Bryant back from what is being described as an innovative procedure.

Bryant tore his achilles towards the end of the 2012-2013 season, and many questioned if he would ever return to his full ability. The timetable is still unclear, but it appears that Kobe will be able to play during 2013-2014 season. However, when he returns is another story. With no clear time table, all we know is that Kobe won’t be ready for the start of the season.

Coach Mike D’Antoni summed the uncertainty of Kobe’s return by giving the press a succinct answer of: “I have no idea.”

After recovering from achilles surgery, Kobe decided to fly to Germany and partake in a procedure that is not legally approved in the United States.

The procedure is known as “Orthokine,” and is designed to relieve arthritic symptoms from the knee.  It’s the third time Kobe has had the procedure, but this one may be the most important. When asked about what it does for him, Bryant relied, “it is a big plus.”

A layman description of his procedure is that when your tires get bald, you need new tires. Well, the Black Mamba’s “tires” are wearing thin. At the age of 35, and approaching his 19th season in the league, the Laker’s star needed a tune up.

Will it be enough to get him back to his star form? Possibly. All I know is that the league is better with a healthy Kobe.

(H/T: LATimes.com)