Kobe Bryant trolls Charlotte Hornets hard on Instagram [Photo]

kobe bryant trolls hornets

Two of the NBA’s most decorated and celebrated superstars both have ties to the Charlotte Hornets, albeit in extremely different ways.

Michael Jordan is currently the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. On Tuesday, he announced that the franchise would be going back to the popular “Hornets” moniker in 2014 now that New Orleans (who had moved from Charlotte to NOLA and took the name with them originally) is going to be re-branding and becoming the “Pelicans” in 2013.

So, in celebration of the name change, Kobe Bryant posted a photo of himself in a Charlotte Hornets hat. No, he wasn’t trying to support some new swagger — this pic is from all the way back in 1996, when Bryant was first drafted out of high school.

That’s right, the Hornets had drafted Kobe originally, with the No. 13 pick, but traded him to the Lakers for big man Vlade Divac. Oh, what could have been in Charlotte.

Legendary troll right there, Kobe.

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  • Chadillac

    Kobe didnt want to play for any small market team. That’s why the hornets had to trade him. You didn’t think they were THAT stupid?!