Lane Kiffin thinks USC should hire Ed Orgeron as head coach

Ed Orgeron has been proving his case as the Trojans’ next head coach to USC, but whether or not AD Pat Haden goes in that direction still remains to be seen.

Haden recently stated that he is looking to hire longterm. He plans to make a rational decision based off the research and interview process, not an emotional, in-the-moment choice because of the program’s recent success. That doesn’t necessarily rule out Orgeron. If Haden believes Coach O is the best man to lead the program, he will make the hire.

If you were to ask former USC head coach Lane Kiffin, it’s a no brainer on who the Trojans should hire. Kiffin said, “It should be Ed Orgeron. How can you argue what he’s done?”

Kiffin is right: you can’t argue what Orgeron has done. However, inspiring an underperforming, talent-laden team, and building a program into a perennial title contender are two very different animals.

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