USC Trojans show up to Sun Bowl dinner more than an hour late … poor form [Photo]

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USC opened the season as the nation’s No. 1 team. The Trojans were supposed to be the nation’s darlings, guided by none other than preseason Heisman darling, senior quarterback Matt Barkley.

How quickly things go from bad to worse when Lane Kiffin is guiding your program. Not only did his USC team lose five games to drop out of the rankings altogether, but their bowl game invite was not to Miami, but rather to El Paso, Texas. Their opponent was not Notre Dame or Alabama, but rather Georgia Tech.

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For a team that has already gotten in trouble for deflating game balls and having players change jersey numbers mid-game, now having to play a sub-.500 team seems only fitting.

However, Kiffin and his Trojans don’t seem to think so, having stood up the Yellow Jackets at a pre-Sun Bowl dinner function.

If this tweet doesn’t say just about all of it, hopefully this picture paints a better, well, picture:

Image courtesy @dukekeith

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