Lane Kiffin Earns Early Praise After Alabama’s First Spring Practice

Lane Kiffin’s tenure as Alabama offensive coordinator is still in its infancy. However, considering his polarizing persona, head coaching record, and the scorched earth he left when fleeing Tennessee, every step Kiffin takes will be broken down three ways from Sunday. Following the Crimson Tide’s first Spring Practice, the early feedback is positive.

One source of praise is junior wide receiver Amari Cooper, who, according to, has characterized Kiffin as “player friendly.” Cooper has noted Kiffin’s attention to detail, as well.

“Pretty cool guy. Pretty laid back guy,” Cooper said. “He pays attention to everything, every little thing. I noticed that about him when we were practicing for the bowl game.”

Part of that detail may be simplifying the offense’s playbook, which Cooper said is now easier to decipher. Cooper also acknowledged Kiffin’s excellent track record with wide receivers – notably expected 2014 first round draft pick Marqise Lee.

“Yeah, we look at it for concepts we need to learn for our offense here and we know what those guys did for him at USC at the wide receiver position.”

With Nick Saban’s unequivocal support and players buying in, Kiffin’s early transition appears to be happening smoothly. Just as Saban likes it, all is quiet on the southern front.