Largest point spreads in NFL history

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 28-point underdogs against the Denver Broncos. The point spread ties for the largest in NFL gambling history.

There are no official records for gambling spreads, since sports books set their lines independently. However, casinos tend to have similar spreads, so there is some consensus. Below is a list of the largest point spreads, and the years each game was played.

2013: Jacksonville Jaguars (+28) at Denver Broncos

1976: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+28) at Baltimore Colts

1976: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+27) at Pittsburgh Steelers

2007: Philadelphia Eagles (+24.5) at New England Pariots

1993: Cincinnati Bengals (+24) at San Francisco 49ers

1987: San Francisco 49ers (-23.5) at Atlanta Falcons

1977: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+23) at Dallas Cowboys

2007: Miami Dolphins (+22.5) at New England Patriots

1976: New England Patriots (-21) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Luckily for Jacksonville, their home schedule in 2013 is relatively light. They likely won’t challenge the 1987 Atlanta Falcons for largest home underdogs. That’s a victory … kind of.

  • Smakin Da Box

    Take The Bronco’s And The Over… Final… Broncs 51 Bucs 16

    • PK R

      Who are da Buc’s? 😉 I know a typo when I see one lol.

  • SoDakFanatic

    The only game on in my viewing area. I live 850 from Denver and 350 from KC but will be forced to watch this toliet bowl just like every other week. No rivalry game (Chiefs vs Raiders) for us to today in ……Denver country… :/ . KELO must not be looking for ratings today.

  • SoDakFanatic

    Smakin Da Box is that halftime?

  • PK R

    Having lived in Denver there’s one truth above most others. If the Broncos are to lose a game this would be the one LOL. Not just go under the spread but flat out lose. They’ve done it before lol could it happen again?. Remember the phrase “Any given Sunday”.

  • Richard Smith

    I think Vegas made a lot of money on Sunday.