Report: Lawrence Taylor’s son arrested on charges of statutory rape

Photo via TV Guide

Photo via TV Guide

The son of the extremely talented and serially incarcerated Lawrence Taylor finds himself in some very serious trouble of his own. Lawrence Taylor Jr., shown above presenting his father at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, has been arrested on felony charges of statutory rape, sodomy and child molestation, according to the New York Daily News.

Now 31 years old, the younger Taylor was arrested at roughly 5:30 in the morning in a house about 25 miles away from Atlanta. The charges stem from an incident at a swimming pool when Taylor Jr. “did with force spread [an underage girl’s] legs then pulled her bathing suit to the side and gave her oral sex.”

The Hall of Fame LT is still on probation himself for 2010 charges involving an underage prostitute. According to NBC Sports, Taylor was forced to register as a sex offender as a part of his plea deal.

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  • Goerge

    Anyone who harms a child and especially in this manner needs to be put away for awhile and learn the true meaning of rape and sodomy. I think then he will change his tune.

  • cutcreator

    Shame Shame Shame !!!!!!! Like Father Like son ? Shame Shame Shame !!!!!!!!!