LeBron drops a videobomb on Ray Allen after Heat’s 27th straight win

lebron james photobomb face

The Miami Heat strung together their 27th straight win on Monday night with a victory over the Orlando Magic at Amway Arena.

That’s cool and all, but what has even become more impressive is the team’s talents in dropping photo/videobombs.

Bron Bron caught Ray Allen and crew napping during the post game when he dropped this gem.

h/t USA Today Sports

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  • Headman2

    God, everything this guy does is irritating. Sucks because he’s a great basketball player. What’s funny is that Lebron sycophants always respond to negative comments about Lebron with innovative new takes on spelling and grammar., especially after I call them “stupid.”


    Hey Headman, why pick on LBJ. They have been video bombing each other or haven’t you noticed. Just admit you, like many people, don’t like LBJ because he is not the negative persona you would like him to be so you can have a bonafide reason to hate him. I mean look at what you are being nit-picky about for goodness’ sake. Find a beach, take your top off and relax…….. from a MJ sycophant.

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