LeBron James’ endorsements from 2013 vs. top NBA, NFL and MLB players

The numbers are in from the 2013 calendar year, and LeBron James earned enough endorsement money to support a small country. In total, James brought in $42 million – not too shabby when you see that number by itself.

But what about when you compare it to other American athletes?

Cork Gaines of Business Insider dove into the numbers in order to take a look at just that. What Gaines found was that James made more than the top 10 MLB athletes combined, and was not far off from the top 10 NFL players combined. He also earned more than the top 10 NHL stars combined.

When it comes to NBA players, Kobe Bryant is the only one remotely close to James. Bryant also earned more than the top 10 MLB and top 10 NHL athletes.

James doubled Derrick Rose’s endorsements, and tripled Kevin Durant’s.

lebron james endorsements 2013

It’s good to be the King.