LeBron James is probably the only guy that could make AJ McCarron jealous [Video]

In the world of 24-hour news outlets, Johnny Football and, of course, Twitter, sometimes becoming the first quarterback in BCS history two lead his team to two national championships is simply not quite good enough.

It certainly didn’t impress LeBron James, and his mere one championship — and yes, King James, we just hated on you a little bit, but just a teensy bit, no worries.

But you know who did impress Bron Bron? The same person that impressed Brent Musberger in the middle of the game, but someone who has never strapped on a set of shoulder pads in her life (or so we presume).

That would be McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, easily the biggest winner in terms of publicity to come out of Miami on Monday night.

In fact, one might be hard-pressed to find a way to make a two-time defending national champion jealous, but when he was told that King James is now officially following his girlfriend on Twitter, that was exactly was happened.

Most champions go to Disney World (or at least say they’re going to go for the cameras) after winning the title game.

McCarron, on the other hand, might just have to head home and lock down his girlfriend for real.

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At least LeBron didn’t straight up ask Webb out, like Arizona Cardinals’ Darrell Dockett did — he even posted his personal phone number to Twitter!