Video: LeBron James shoots H&K MP5 submachine gun at Miami range

LeBron James made a trip to the gun range in Miami to fire up a submachine gun. Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range posted this video of James shooting a Heckler & Koch MP5 recently to its YouTube channel.

The MP5 is a 9mm German designed submachine gun developed in 1966. It’s one of the most popular submachine guns in the world, being utilized by 40 countries and a plethora of high-ranking organizations.

Prepare yourself for this line (you knew it was coming): As if the 4-time MVP needed anymore firepower in his arsenal.

*UPDATE* Following are a couple more videos of James and wife Savannah laying down some lead, as well as a photo of their targets afterwards.

[Thanks to SB Nation and Sporting News for the hat tip]

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    Not a news story.

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    the girl shot better than bron did.