LeBron James to be executive producer on new Starz show

Photo: Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

Photo: Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

It was only a matter of time before LeBron James stepped off the basketball court and into show business. In all honesty, however, we were expecting a bit more of a Shaq-esque “Kazaam” display, or better yet, something along the lines of MJ’s “Space Jam.”

What we were not expecting from the two-time NBA Finals MVP was to see him take a step away from the spotlights and embrace a behind the scenes roll. The Associated Press is reporting that that is exactly what will be happening with LeBron’s new agreement with Starz.

Bron Bron will be serving as one of the executive producers on a new show titled “Survivor’s Remorse.” The half-hour sitcom will chronicle the lives of two Philadelphia natives from the inner city after hitting the big time. The two must adjust to all the fame, as well as to the guilt of still seeing friends and family struggling around them.

James is the only famous basketball player working on the project, but there are others with star power making this happen as well. Tom Werner, the force behind shows such as “The Cosby Show” and “Roseanne,” is working with James, and so is Mike O’Malley. You may remember O’Malley as the former host of Global GUTS, one of the wackiest ’90s shows out there.

No word yet on the scheduling of the show’s premiere.