LeBron James’ pre-game warm-up dunk would have won the Slam Dunk Contest

LeBron James holds a slam dunk contest every night. (Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Watching this pre-game warmup dunk from LeBron James is going to do one of two things for fans: (1) make them mad that James doesn’t participate in the slam dunk contest, or (2) make them realize why James doesn’t participate in the slam dunk contest.

This dunk just isn’t fair, on any level. As Billy Bob says in Varsity Blues, “I give it a 10!” Yes, we just made a Varsity Blues reference.

James makes this 360-between-the-legs-off-the-backboard dunk look like a walk in the park.

And that folks, is just one reason people are now comparing LeBron to MJ.

h/t Reddit

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