Lee Corso calls a 5-year old Oregon fan a “midget”

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From dancing around in a duck costume holding a live duck and trying to tap an Oregon cheerleader on the head, to calling a 5-year old Oregon fan a “midget”, Lee Corso had himself quite the morning on Saturday’s College GameDay.

Braden Pepe was making his second appearance on the show. The crew started off by asking Pepe what his second favorite team was. When he responded with Colorado, one of the guys chimed in with, “you must like being sad.”

When asked about who would win Harvard vs. Yale, Pepe picked the Yale Bulldogs. Corso was quick to respond with “not so fast midget.” To top it off, Corso had no clue why Herbstreit was losing it after the comment.

Luckily we get to enjoy at least two more years of this with Corso’s recent contract extension.

[Video courtesy of Big Lead Sports]

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