Lee Corso wants to pick more than just Oregon’s team, proceeds to fail in epic fashion

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Photo courtesy ESPN College Gameday

What would you do if you were surrounded by a college football cheerleader squad?

Would you perhaps invite one out for a drink?

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Maybe a gameday tailgate session with all of your friends and her cheer buddies?

Well, what if you were in such a situation but you happened to have a giant duck head on and you were literally holding a real duck in one hand?

College GameDay’s Lee Corso, having chosen the Oregon Ducks to win over Stanford on Saturday, found himself in precisely such a situation (one assumes his mother thought he’d be a doctor or something), so, the old man had to improvise a bit.

From the looks of it, this girl is probably going to pass on that drink.

Solid effort on the awkward touch, Mr. Corso, but at the end what we have here is an epic fail, through and through.

She probably just dates guys that are a little more down to earth — look at how big-headed he is in the photo, right?

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