Les Miles Talks Girls With Recruits Because He’s A Ladies Man

Who would have thought that Les Miles is a ladies man? According to Georgia freshman defensive end Lorenzo Carter, the Mad Hatter can spit some mad game. In a Q&A with Michael Carvell of AJC.com, Carter talked about his funniest stories from recruiting, which involved the always-entertaining Miles and his “girl talk.”

What’s your funniest story from recruiting? “Probably Les Miles talking about girls. Girl talk with Les Miles was kind of awkward because you don’t think of him as a ladies man. But he seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

What girl advice did Les Miles give you?“’Don’t be rude when they call late at night.’ So I was like ‘OK, I won’t be rude. I just won’t pick up the phone.’”

Any other funny stories involving Les Miles? “We were about to go play a basketball game, and he called while my coach was giving a pre-game talk. I looked at my coach and said ‘Coach, it’s Les.’ My coach just gave me a dirty look. So I called (Miles) back after the game.”

With a dance like this, does Miles even need girl talk?


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