Li’l Wayne tells world he is banned from Miami Heat and All-Star games because he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife [Video]

Lil Wayne was raging at the GQ Party at the Elms Mansion leading up to Super Bowl XLVII, but the iconic rapper was no where to be found at the 2013 NBA All-Star game. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Li’l Wayne was in Houston over the weekend. While other stars such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Drake were all rubbing elbows with basketball stars at the All-Star Game, however, Weezy was across town, ranting to fans at a sold-out show as to why he wasn’t allowed in in the first place.

It is the same reason why he has since been banned from Miami Heat games, and neither have anything to do with his tattoos or his funky sense of fashion.

Instead, it’s with the li’l man’s sex drive.

Li’l Wayne claims the reason the Heat banned him from All-Star Weekend and from the team’s regular season games is because he messed around and had himself some sex with Chris Bosh’s wife.

Bosh and Adrienne Williams had a child together in 2010. We are just going out on a limb and saying that a 6-foot-10 Bosh can’t be too happy with a 5-foot-6 Weezy.

Then again, Williams could not have been too happy with a 5-foot-6 Weezy either, if you catch our drift.

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h/t: Big Lead Sports