Little league auctions off assault rifle in most American move ever

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Welcome to America, where we auction off assault rifles to fund little league baseball teams. No, seriously, a little league is raising money by auctioning off a real life AR-15.

Forget car washes and traditional fundraisers, Atwood-Hammond Little League in Illinois has raised the bar in order to actually interest people in contributing to their little sluggers’ dreams.

Last year, the league managed to raise just $10 according to league commissioner Steven McClain. This year they’ve partnered with Atwood Armory, who is providing the raffle item (following quote via

“It’s got a full rail system, comes with a 30 round magazine,” said Bryan Butcher, co-owner of Atwood Armory.

“We could have went with a basic shotgun or something simple,” said league commissioner Steven McClain. “But obviously it’s not going to draw the attention, not going to draw the volume we’re hoping to make.”

“If we were to sell that gun in store with all the accessories and ammo with it, it would be well over $2,000,” said co-owner Charidy Butcher.

With the recent devastating events that have taken place, it seems like a pecular time to auction off an assault rifle to fund a little league, but then again, this is America.

For those of you wondering, yes the winner will have to go through standard gun buyer background checks and all of the necessary paperwork.

From WAND’s TV report (via Deadspin):

“Guns are super hot right now, they’re extremely hard to get—we decided to go that route,” McClain said.

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  • R squared

    I’m shocked that the governing body for Little League would allow this. I’m all in favor of youth sports but selling guns and such a gun in particular is just plain wrong. Perhaps aColt 45 or replica I could be dupportive of but not an assault gun. Something that has an image of the old west, not something associated with modern tragedies and deadly lunatics

    • Lawful gun owner

      It is NOT an Assault rifle. Stop watching mainstream media and learn some real facts about these guns. Wake up. You are being spoon-fed lies. The amount of crimes committed with these types of guns are minuscule.

  • Little league supporter

    An AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Its a semi-automatic rifle. Assault rifles are fully automatic. This one is not. Yes it has some things that give it an assault rifle appearance, but that doesn’t make it an assault rifle, no more than a pumpkin pie with cake icing makes that pie a birthday cake.
    Regardless – I love it. We need more of this. I’ll buy a raffle ticket or two, just to join in the fun.

  • tunaman13212

    Great use guns to help cancer and little league stop cancer kill 26 kids great choice help the kids to play baseball kill 26 kids.Only could raise $10 hard to believe even if each parent gave 10 dollars that could be a good start sounds like someone dosen’t know or care how to raise money for thier league

    • subcaller

      A little late with our meds today?

      • tunaman13212

        not late just stating the facts

    • Benniwok

      tunaman you throw in that little phrase in there like the commercials do with their subliminal messages to try to CONvince people to buy something, just like obuma and most of the media have conned a lot of easily fooled Americans that guns are the problem in those shootings.

      • tunaman13212

        they are the problem

  • Patriot

    You uninformed/misinformed liberals crack me up. You hear or read the word GUN, and immediately think its going to be used to kill an innocent person. I guess fat people can blame the fork for their obesity. Guns have won our freedom for America and have scared other countries from trying to step on our ground to take that freedom away. If you don’t like it, move to a communist country where they’ve taken guns away and their freedoms. YOU need to go. Not guns. (And I’m not talking about military’s guns. I’m talking about militia’s/citizen’s guns. Because the government can never get too powerful or controlling as long as citizens have guns. Be scared of our government as much as other terrorists. And make sure the government is just as scared of us)

  • subcaller

    Good, make money for one sport with equipment for another. At the same time, the kids get a lesson in the constitution.

  • dave cal

    A disgusting situation. McClain must be a NRA member. My kids would never sell a raffle ticket for a rifle. What does the winning seller get?? A hand grenade??

    • Patriot

      You disgust me. A gun is used 99% of the time for protection, hunting, and sporting. So it’s basically a life saver/freedom saver/sporting equipment yet you’re focused on the 1% when it happens to fall in the wrong hands. Turn off MSNBC and grab the history book your liberal (which is another word for socialist) teacher wouldn’t allow you to read growing up

    • Patriot

      You disgust me. Guns are used 99% of the time for protection, hunting, and sporting. So basically they’re life savers/freedom savers/sporting equipment. Yet you’re focused on the 1% when it falls in the wrong hands. Turn off MSNBC and grab the history book your liberal (same thing as socialist) teacher wouldn’t allow you to read growing up.

  • rudman47

    God Love America.
    What a wonderful way to raise money for the kids.

  • Officer from Alabama

    This is the problem with America! Liberals don’t understand the concept of an assault rifle vs. a rifle. This is not a fully automatic rifle, thus making it an assault rifle. This is a semi-automatic rifle which means it is just a rifle you morons. If you would get a job and stop living off the ones who actually work for a living maybe you would have the common sense to actually know the difference or at least do the research to figure it out. But you watch msnbc and cnn, which is told what to do by the Obummer administration. So before you spew your garbage all over the internet, get your facts right! I love this idea, if you can make more money for these kids to play ball, why not. They will still have to do the normal background checks before they can aquire the RIFLE!

  • D.j. Hart

    Im on the little league board and this was my idea so come to me with the complaints.

  • James

    While you are all correct about the AR-15 not being an assault rifle, your reasoning for this is flawed. Assault rifles do not need to be fully automatic. The M-4 and M-16A2 used by the military is an assault rifle and yet is not fully automatic. They have a burst firing capability, yet are not fully automatic. One of the firing requirements is “selecive” fire, meaning mutiple modes of fire. There are several other requirements necessary for a weapon to be considered an assault rifle. I just wanted to clear up the misconception that a weapon MUST be fully automatic.

  • TJJ300

    I would buy a raffle ticket. Nice to see a group of people with intelligent heads on their shoulders running the league.

    Anti-gunners are either ignorant, stupid, or criminals. Pick which category you want to be in, but there are no other applicable categories for you to choose.