Los Angeles Dodgers: Salary Breakdown Of Highest MLB Payroll For 2014

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest MLB payroll heading into the 2014 season. After a 15-year reign as baseball’s big spender, the Yankees have been dethroned and relegated to second position. The Dodgers’ payroll for this season will be over $235 million.

That LA leads the league in payroll should come as little surprise. The Dodgers have been headed this way since 2012 when they took on Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett in a blockbuster trade with Boston. Since then, they’ve bought in to the Brian Cashman school of GMing: throw money at any man with two legs.

For a little comparison: LA has more money tied up in two players – Zack Greinke ($26M) and Adrian Gonzalez ($21.8 M) – than both the Miami Marlins ($47.5M) and Houston Astros ($44.5M) have in their entire roster.

Just to give more perspective, here is a list of Dodgers that will earn more than $10 million this season:

Zack Greinke $26,000,000
Adrian Gonzalez $21,857,143
Matt Kemp $21,250,000
Carl Crawford $21,107,143
Josh Beckett $17,000,000
Hanley Ramirez $16,000,000
Andre Ethier $15,500,000
Chad Billingsley $12,000,000
Dan Haren $10,000,000
Brian Wilson $10,000,000

Noticeably absent from the list is Clayton Kershaw, who signed a $215 million contract during the offseason, but is earning a little over $6.5M in 2014. Come 2015, he’ll be top of the pops with $30M on the books.


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