Louisville Cardinals show off 2013 national championship rings

Photo via The SEC Logo/Twitter

Photo via The SEC Logo/Twitter

The year of the Cardinals just keeps on keeping on. On Monday, Louisville released a look at the 2013 national championship rings earned after coach Rick Pitino’s squad took down Michigan in a game for the ages.

Since the victory, Pitino has been on a tour that’ll make any individual jealous. First, he brought the national championship trophy out for a night on the town during his daughter’s 21st birthday. Then, he was spotted in the Bahamas landing Marlin, and after that it was off to Vegas to hit the casinos hard. Last but not least, he had his face put on a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

Oh wait, and did we mention making good on a promise to get a commemorative tattoo?

Of course the man and his team need some more bling. How else can they continue on their path to total world domination?