Louisville players rage in locker room with Bill Clinton after beating Villanova [Photo]

russ smith chane behanan bill clinton louisville

Yes, that is Bill Clinton, the former Leader of the Free World, as well as Russ Smith and Chane Behanan, two Louisville basketball players.

And yes, all three of them are rockin’ out with teammates in the locker room after the Cardinals took care of business against Villanova during the Big East Tournament on Thursday. Why? Because why not?

The locker room fun actually capped an extremely emotional day for Smith, who learned only hours before taking the court that his high school coach, the legendary Jack Curran, died at age 83 on Thursday. Playing in Curran’s honor, Smith led the Cardinals with 28 points. But after a day of tears, he finished the night sharing cheers with Arkansas’ most well-known fan.

The funniest part? These photos surfaced on the very same day RGIII photobombed Ken Starr, the federal investigator who first publicized Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Just try to imagine President George Washington doing something like this with some peeps after after his second term was up in 1797. Didn’t exactly have Instagram back then, did he?

russ smith chane behanan bill clinton louisville 1

russ smith chane behanan bill clinton louisville 3

h/t: CBS Sports

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  • Cisco

    That’s why Bill Clinton is the coolest President EVER! Work hard and play hard. Nothing wrong with that when you’re getting the job done!

  • DirkDiggler

    Quick… Hide the Co-Ed’s in the closet… Bill’s back.

  • TP MAN 10101

    The heck with Baseball (that like wactching paint dry on the wall, and for Basketball, I am tired of all these Tat’s these players thing they have to have. Just wait for 10 years to 15 to pass and then look how even more nasty they will look. Nope for me it is the NHL and the NFL. Even those guys have nasty tat’s. And by the way, why in the heck do Negro’s need tat’s. Hell, you can even tell what they are or for. Shame on tats.
    Oh well, that my smeal !
    TP MAN 10101

  • fanofthehorns

    Slick Willie, can you and Barak go somewhere far, far away? Thanks!