LSU and Texas A&M to face off on Thanksgiving Day in 2014

Photo: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M used to play hated in-state rival Texas every year in a Thanksgiving game fans on both sides of the showdown circled on their calendar years in advance.

The same can be said for LSU’s day-after-Turkey Day matchup with Arkansas.

However, it looks like fans, players, coaches and everyone else involved will be introduced to a new rivalry come 2014. According to Scott Rabalais of The Advocate.

The Tigers’ game at Texas A&M will be on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, per the Aggies’ wishes.

LSU will not be playing home games against Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Day, the source said. As has been the case with the LSU-Arkansas game, the Tigers will play the Aggies in Tiger Stadium on Fridays or Saturdays to end the season.

When A&M first broke the news that it would be splitting off from the Big 12 and joining the SEC, the 12th Man and legions of Horns fans lamented the loss of the historic rivalry with Texas. LSU has played Arkansas on the Friday after Thanksgiving in every season except one (when the schedule had to be switched around in reaction to the 9/11 attacks in 2001) since 1992.

Also according to Rabalais, the LSU-Arkansas game will be moved to sometime in the middle of the year.

Whether or not Texas and Texas A&M ever play again remains to be seen, but that’s not what the focus should be here. It should be on what could be the start on an excellent, new tradition for both teams: A battle between SEC powerhouses fans on both sides can give thanks for.