Luis Suarez apologizes after biting Branislav Ivanovic during game

luis suarez bite soccer liverpool chelseas

On Sunday, the sports world was not consumed by NBA playoff basketball or a massive slate of baseball games as the MLB season continues to warm up.

No, instead, the big news came from across the pond, in an English Premiere League futbol/football/soccer game (we’re Americans covering this, so cut us some slack on the name, eh?).

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez literally bit Chelsea’s Branslav Ivanovic in what would eventually become a 2-2 tie ball game.

The bite earned Suarez a Twitter follow from none other than Mike Tyson, which is pretty cool.

However, what the bite necessitated was an apology. Luckily, Suarez showed just a touch of class and said that he was sorry to Ivanovic for biting him on the arm.

Hopefully, next time Suarez will keep his teeth to himself so he doesn’t have to apologize at all.

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