Luke Donald won a golf tourney in Japan, scored $80,000 of cow beef six months later

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Six months ago, Luke Donald won the Dunlap Phoenix Open in Japan. Some of his winning haul was comprised of the standard giant check and a slick trophy for his case at home.

However, Donald also awarded a Miyazaki cow — and one does not simply say “no” to a cow of higher quality beef than wagyu and kobe.

But there was a bit of a holdup: The cow was still alive, and thus impossible to import Stateside.

So, to make a long story really short, Donald and a team of people (no joke: Chef Nick Kokonas and Importer Shane Lindsay were two of the men involved in what ESPN’s Darren Rovell called Donald’s “Cow Acquisition Team”) spent months dealing with the Japanese side not to bring a live cow to America, but rather what cuts and how many of them Donald would like.

In the end, which finally came about on Tuesday after the six months of waiting, Donald received $80,000 worth of the beef.

From the looks of it and the way Donald describes the first dinner of it with his family,  it was well worth the wait.

“It’s very marbled and the knife just eases through the meat,” Donald told us. “Definitely the best beef I’ve ever had.”

From the above and below photos Donald posted to his Twitter account, it looks like we’d agree.

However, these bad boys sell for roughly $300 a pound at restaurants, if you can even get it. The Miyazaki beef was banned from importation in 2011. So basically, while it took Donald six months to score the beef, it’ll probably be even longer — if ever — for the rest of us to do the same.

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luke donald cow meat golf