Luke Hancock sticks up for Montrezl Harrell’s late dunk against SMU

Social media can be a cruel beast. Rick Pitino knows it; he even warns his players about it. After Montrezl Harrell threw down a dunk in the final seconds of a runaway win, SMU fans (and Louisville haters) came hard after the sophomore.

Teammate Luke Hancock rounded up a screenshot of some of the more hateful tweets, and then stuck up for Harrell and his play.

I just don’t get it?!?!? If u wanna play till the buZZER we will play till the buzzer. A freshmen got treated like a freshmen…. Sorry that’s the way it goes.. #cards#cardnation get of my man trez back.. I woulda done the same thing @trezz24

Below is a look at SMU playing to the buzzer and Harrell’s dunk in response.

Was the slam necessary? No. But was it egregious enough to wish death on the kid or call him a “classless fuck?” Is anything in sports?

[Reddit users hnr01 and heb0]