Major Applewhite engaged in ‘inappropriate behavior’ with student

Major Applewhite reportedly engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student while coaching at Texas. (Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports)

One thing has become very certain over the past couple of years, there will be a coach in college football caught in an improper relationship on a regular basis.

On Friday night, Scott Drew of The Dallas Morning News dropped what he called a “bombshell” on Texas fans. He released a statement from University of Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds that offensive coordinator Major Applewhite had engaged in “inappropriate, consensual behavior with adult student.”

“Major Applewhite engaged in inappropriate, consensual behavior with an adult student one time during the 2009 Fiesta Bowl activities. After learning of his behavior later that month, I took immediate action to review the situation. We promptly initiated an inquiry with assistance from the university’s Legal Affairs office and other units outside of Athletics. Major admitted his inappropriate conduct and he was disciplined. In determining appropriate discipline, we analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding the behavior and its relation to job responsibilities. Major fully accepted his discipline, including counseling. We have high standards for behavior and expect our staff and coaches to adhere to them in all aspects of their lives. I believe that the appropriate discipline was taken in this case.”

This marks the second Texas coach in a matter of weeks to be under the spotlight for these types of actions. Track and field coach Bev Kearney recently resigned due to an improper relationship with a student-athlete from 2002.

Applewhite’s relationship reportedly took place during the Longhorns’ Fiesta Bowl trip in 2008 (game played in 2009).

“It was a one-time occurrence and was a personal matter,” Applewhite said. “Shortly after it occurred, I discussed the situation with DeLoss Dodds. I was upfront and took full responsibility for my actions. This is and was resolved by the university four years ago. Through counsel, I have worked with my wife and the incident is behind us.”

Dodds had reportedly found out about the situation just a few weeks after the Fiesta Bowl. He met with Applewhite on Jan. 30, 2009 and gave the coach two weeks following Feb. 5 to seek and begin counseling.

The University Texas Board of Regents will meet Sunday, Feb. 3 in order to be “fully briefed on issues related to this matter,” according to Texas Board of Regenst chairman Gene Powell and system Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa.

Information from the Associated Press used in this report.

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  • Gabe Holmes

    Everyone know that the media is all bullshit and they trying to hurt someone elses life cause they kniw there SUCK.

  • Bob Kahn

    I am sure it only happened “ONE” time. Guess this is all they can do in and around Texas.

  • Jan S

    They’re both adults……..Get over it.

  • cdogg

    If it were Oklahoma, you hypocrites would not be defending this.

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