Rumor Mill: Did Manti Te’o have a real girlfriend too? [Photos]

Photos courtesy Busted Coverage.

Basically, the story that continues to add characters and relationships has tacked on yet another new character and relationship in Alexandra del Pilar.

On Friday, TMZ unearthed the fact that after all the talks of hoaxes and pranks and broken hearts, Notre Dame linebacker netted himself a real girlfriend at some point after he found out his made up online girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, had died of leukemia.

Generally, we don’t like even clicking onto TMZ — just not our cup of tea, is all — but in terms of digging up dirt on gossip and past relationships, well, there’s no one better.

Apparently, shortly after finding out about his fake girlfriend’s death, Te’o rebounded, but on the super low-low. Alexandra del Pilar is a student at Saint Mary’s College, an all-girls school just down the road from Notre Dame.

So, all of you folks out there who thought Te’o may have used the hoax for publicity’s sake, or to cover up the fact that he is gay, perhaps the most logical outcome is the simplest, as reported earlier today by ESPN’s Shelley Smith:

That Te’o really was duped by an old friend of his from Hawaii who took the fake girlfriend hoax way too far.

However, whether it be fake or real, love has been fleeting for Mr. Te’o these days. He and del Pilar apparently broke up after two months together.

Te’o and Lennay Kekua’s new eHarmony commercial together is hilarious.