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Marcedes Lewis does not want Tim Tebow on the Jags: “We don’t need a project”

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Ever since it became apparent that the New York Jets had no intention of utilizing Tim Tebow as a QB, rumors have been swirling about where the unorthodox star could possibly land.

Jacksonville has been one team many have talked about, however with the hiring of new GM David Caldwell, it would appear that the Jaguars have no intention of picking up the hometown hero.

TMZ caught up with Jacksonville tight end Marcedes Lewis to ask him if he would want Tebow on the team. Lewis replied with:


“I’m going into my eighth year, I’ve had about four or five different quarterbacks,” Lewis said. “Obviously, in the state we were in last year, we need a guy that’s going to put us over the hump right now. Not a project.”

“Not taking anything away from Tebow,” Lewis added. “But we need a pure quarterback.”

With each day that passes, it is feeling more and more like Tebow could be out of the NFL alltogether this time next year.

Rumor Mill: Could Tim Tebow be headed from the Big Apple to Chicago?

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  • Matt

    Funny thing is, the quotes are from Marcedes Lewis and I had to google him to find out who he was. Seven years in the league and had never heard his name. Then again he plays for the Jags who have only had one winning year in Marcedes’ 7 seasons.

    • Has a Brain

      funny thing is that he was a 2010 Pro-bowler and has had a much more prolific career then Tebow ever will in the league, Also a 2005 All American and Mackey Award winner (Best TE in the country). There are more teams besides the Gators out there,..

      • gator forever

        How many national championships does lewis have my guess is none since i never heard of him either he cant be that good then

      • Jeffrey Willis

        they have no place to go but up..since Tebow bailed Elways butte out..then kicked him to the curb..what comes around goes around,

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  • Jeffrey Willis

    so he could be a fullback QB..and find you a pure QB..then you could have a dual threat…but then somebody would have to block for them..

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  • GatorJunkie

    Who the H is Marcedes? Sounds like a car.

  • Hoss

    I doubt Lewis has any NFL records……..I believe Tebow has several. Ever is a really big word pal. Lewis is a very average player…..he has done all his is going to do. Tebow……well we will see. Lewis was an All American and Mackey Award winner……better check Tebow’s hardware in college before spouting off sport! LMAO…..ever heard of the Heisman or National Championship Rings……NCAA records……you are too much dude!

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