Mario Williams is suing ex-fiance to get $785,000 engagement ring back [Photos]

Photo courtesy KTRK-TV

Photo courtesy ABC 13 Houston

Apparently, when Mario Williams signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills that guaranteed him no less than $50 million, no one was happier than his fiance, Erin Marzouki.

With that type of money, her life was set. She could live happily and comfortably knowing her man could buy her pretty much whatever she wanted, including an engagement ring worth $785,000, no joke.

Marzouki, however, has since split up with Williams, but the 6-foot-6, 292-pound former No. 1-overall draft pick is not fading quietly into the night. Just the opposite, in fact. According to ABC 13 in Houston, there is a law in Texas that allows one to take a former significant other to court in the event that a fiance never intended to get married in the first place.

Thus, Williams is suing Marzouki to get the ring back, and basically called her a gold digger in the legalese terms possible.

Court records say the “defendant never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts.”

Williams also alleges he purchased more than $230,000 in luxury items for his former fiancée and also gave her a credit card where he claims she charged more than $108,000 in less than a year.

Under a rule that is recognized by Texas courts, Williams may be entitled to get the ring back because it was given as a gift with the intention of getting married, and Marzouki reportedly ended the engagement.

The photo below is a picture of a diamond that is — ready for it? — half the size of the 10-carat monster Williams used to propose to Marzouki.

mario williams diamond engagement ring

Photo courtesy ABC 13’s Adela Uchida

Here’s the happy couple:

mario williams golddigger engagement ring

Busted Coverage had this photo of Marzouki, all the way to our right, showing off the insanely large ring on her left hand. The woman all the way to our left is Caroline Walter (wife of former Texans WR Kevin) and the woman in the center is Megan Cushing (wife of current Texans LB Brian).

mario williams engagement ring golddigger

Here’s the mugshot, Gamedayr Nation, now get out those pitchforks!

mario williams engagement ring gold digger