Mario Williams’ ex-fiancee alleges he texted her ‘suicidal thoughts’

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams (94) talks to defensive line coach Giff Smith against the Houston Texans during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Texans won 21-9. (Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams’ ex-fiancee is alleging that the star player has had suicidal thoughts. (Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)

Prior to the start of the 2012 NFL season, Mario Williams signed a six-year, $100 million deal with the Buffalo Bills. It was the richest contract ever for a defensive player.

So Williams was happy, right?

Not exactly. He may have been “happy” in an immediate sense — as in, he was happy to be making so much money.

However, on a far deeper level, Williams may have been (or still be) far more depressed than anyone had realized.

Williams and his fiancee, Erin Marzouki, split up recently. At first, it was reported that the Bills’ defensive end had sued her in an effort to get back the engagement ring he’d bought for her for a three-quarters of a million dollars. The sports world pointed and laughed, believing Williams had been taken advantage of by a gold digger.

Very soon thereafter, however, Marzouki’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, showed the court what his client is claiming to be a part of one of the real reasons the two split: Williams may be a very real danger to himself.

This according to USA Today:

Without going into detail, Buzbee said in an email that a court-encouraged effort to mediate the dispute was unsuccessful in Houston earlier in the day.

Accusing Williams of experiencing “dramatic mood swings” throughout the engagement, Buzbee also released an exchange of texts between the two he said he copied off his client’s phone. It’s a conversation dated as occurring between 4:51 and 8:26 p.m. Central Time on Nov. 11, and includes a break between 5:03-8:02 p.m.

During the exchange, Williams wrote: “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Williams did not directly mention Marzouki as he took to Twitter to voice his response. However, since his statements were too long for the 140-character format, he actually posted them to a site known as TwitLonger.

“The true character of someone is always revealed in times that we don’t typically agree with. In these times it’s how you respond and portray yourself to others that shows the ethics, character and true morals of a person. What’s shown speaks for itself!”

“I’m still here and always will be. I’m too strong for ridicule and the childish extremes those will do to try and taint a persons name when in reality you make me stronger, hungrier and more determined.”

“I’m thankful to be so blessed that nothing said shall ever contest. I cherish what’s been given to me, I cherish life and The Lord that allows me to breathe every breath. Most of all I’m thankful he showed me this is the season for revealing ones true character. Revealing the true person!”

“To God be the glory I’m still here I’m still so strong, You should know better than to think efforts like these affect me or anything for that matter. IM IN THE BUSINESS OF LIVING A LIFE OF JOY AND HAPPINESS! BUSINESS IS BOOMING!!”

No matter what happens between the two and the engagement ring, hopefully Williams gets the mental help he may need.

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