Georgia coach Mark Richt is selling his lake house mansion for a cool $2 million [Gallery]

What would you do if you had a spare two million bucks lying around and you happened to be a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan?

While several options come to mind (a lifetime’s worth of season tickets on the 50-yard line or say partying with co-eds in Athens as often as physically possible, but we digress), one might be to buy up the home of Dawgs coach Mark Richt.

That’s right. According to Busted Coverage, Richt is trying to sell his Hartwell, Georgia lake house for $2 million. It’s about an hour drive from Athens and, well, there are a lot of bathrooms.

Don’t worry Dawgs, Richt isn’t planning on ditching Athens anytime soon. In fact, he is selling it because he believes it’s simply too much for his family. Richt had the following to say to the AJC:

What we have is way more than we need and that our ability to give is hindered by this property. I guess that’s the best way to tell you. We just wanted to be in a better position to give and bless people that don’t have anything. We felt like this was one way to be able to do that.

The house has been listed for two years now, so clearly he is in no rush to let the digs go. We can’t blame him, the house is absolutely beautiful.

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