Marshawn Lynch goes ‘Beast Mode’ for a good cause

Marshawn Lynch is a beast on the field and at the negotiating table. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that Lynch is very protective of his “Beast Mode” nickname, which allows him to maximize profits off the moniker.

Lynch has proven himself business savvy in several ways. First, he stays separate from “Beast Mode.” Meaning, if somebody signs Lynch to a contract (i.e. Nike), the nickname does not come with him. Companies must sign separate licensing agreements to use the term.

Second, he does not take every offer available. Rovell notes that Lynch declines roughly five requests a month. When he does give a company the right to use it, Lynch approves final design of a product and collects a 20% royalty fee.

Third, Marshawn Lynch makes sure that “Beast Mode” stays unique to him. The Dodgers reportedly offered him a $100,000 royalty to use the phrase in relation to superstar Matt Kemp. Lynch declined, ensuring that his nickname wouldn’t become disassociated like other famous sobriquets – for example “LT” with Lawrence Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson.

While it appears that all the business acumen works well to line his pockets, Rovell reports that all the proceeds from “Beast Mode” licensing goes to Lynch’s FAM 1st Family Foundation, a mentoring program based in the Bay Area.