Marshawn Lynch goes beast mode for bottle of Fireball during parade

We knew there would be some gold coming from the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl parade on Wednesday, but we couldn’t have even imagined this. Thanks to Deadspin, we now know that Marshawn Lynch has a liking for Fireball. The following according to a Deadspin reader:

I took this picture as the parade was rolling by our office… This is Marshawn Lynch riding on the front of a duck boat. A man is reaching to hand him a bottle of Fireball (circled). A second later Marshawn grabbed it and started drinking it on the front of the duck.

Lynch just won the Super Bowl. As far as I’m concerned, if he let that bottle of Fireball pass, he might as well give the title back. This is a once in a lifetime celebration. Plus, Fireball is a pretty solid liquor to shoot – until the next day, of course.

Following is a larger look at the moment, as well as the video.

marshawn lynch fireball parade

I can smell a Fireball endorsement in the works.