Marshawn Lynch’s Super Bowl Media Day interview: 12 things we learned about ‘Beast Mode’

Marshawn Lynch was rumored to have left the building just a few minutes into the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl 48 Media Day session. That turned out not to be the case, as Deion Sanders tracked down an incognito “Beast Mode” on the sidelines.

Despite Lynch choosing to forgo the podium, we still learned a ton about Seattle’s star back from his interview with Sanders. In fact, it might have been one of the most candid conversations from the day.

Following are a few things that we now know about the man with the Skittles plan.

  1. Marshawn Lynch is “smooth.”
  2. Lynch is not shy, he’s “just about that action, boss.”
  3. He likes to be about it, not talk about it.
  4. “If you want something, got get it.” – Marshawn Lynch
  5. Lynch is extremely excited for the big game.
  6. Podiums aren’t Lynch’s thang.
  7. Lynch’s thang is “laid back, kick back, mind my business, stay in my own lane.”
  8. Come game time, “Beast Mode” will be there.
  9. Lynch appreciates having the opportunity to experience Super Bowl week.
  10. The sheer size of the Super Bowl has surprised him.
  11. Lynch is taken aback by the love Marshall Faulk has for him.
  12. Lynch may or may not have tried the new Beast Mode strain before arriving.

Following is Sanders complete interview with Lynch.

[Video via SB Nation]