Martin Brodeur unveils mask for 2013-14 featuring his dogs

Photo via USATSI

Photo via Airbrush Zap

What athletes wear on game days are called “uniforms” for a reason – generally speaking, teams and leagues do not want or allow for deviation from the norm.

One of the biggest outliers to that has always been a goalie’s hockey mask.

After first donning a mask in the NHL all the way back in 1991, New Jersey Devils star Martin Brodeur has earned the right to put whatever he darn well pleases on his.

So what did the legendary goalie go with?

Dogs, of course. His own. On one side he included Stan and on the other he put Vez. It’s definitely an unusual but pretty legit addition to his cage.

He wasn’t finished there, however. Brodeur also paid homage to his father by including an old school photography film strip to the back of his mask. Denis Brodeur is widely lauded as one of hockey’s best photographers.

What if NFL players could mess with their helmets?

[H/T: CBS Sports]