2014 Masters Champion Winner Of Record Prize Money

Not only will the Masters Champion for 2014 have to make room in his wardrobe for a green jacket, but the winner of golf’s most prestigious event will also have to clear a little space in his bank account. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the winner of this year’s tournament will take home $1.62 million of the record $9 million purse. The previous three years saw a payout of $1.44 million for the champion.

For a comparison, the first-ever winner of the Masters, Horton Smith, received $1,500 in prize money out of a total purse of $5,000 in 1934. The legendary Jack Nicklaus brought home $20,000 for his first Masters win in 1963.

During the 2000s, payout for the tournament has seen a meteoric rise. The purse grew $3,400,000 million since 2001, and the winning prize money increased by $612,000.

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